Willie Davis Bio

I grew up in the small town of Salt Rock, WV.  I moved to Staunton with my wife, Jeanette, in 2005 for employment with Woodrow Wilson Work Force & Rehabilitation Center.  Our daughter, Jennifer Hanna, invited us to Cornerstone in 2009 and we have been here ever since.  We knew on the first visit we had found our church home.

  I have worked in construction all my life and love it.  I have a passion to serve the Lord using my construction talents He has given me.  I had a vision to use these talents but wasn’t sure what I needed to do to make this vision happen. I was truly inspired by a group of college students called World Changers.  They gave up their summer to travel from state to state serving people that couldn’t afford or had the ability to work on their homes. Years later, I met John Bazan and he had the same vision which we now call Home Town Missions.  I am so Blessed to be a part of Home Town Missions and can’t wait to get started helping others in need.