As we have discussed, we are opening up our facility to provide a co-op for this academic school year (2021-2022). We are excited to be offering this for our Augusta Co., Staunton, and Waynesboro students. There is so much corruption happening within our school systems that is very shameful, I cannot believe we are now in this position. As
the Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Church, I believe one of the most important things in this world is the purity of our children.
And now, that is being stripped away and jeopardized. This is not okay. It is time for the CHURCH to RISE up and fight for our children. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way they should go; even when they are old, they will not depart from it”. That is what we intend to do here at Cornerstone Church.
I am very happy to say that we have come up with an effective plan that will ensure a strong, biblically sound education. It is very important that our children are not just being taught academics but being taught to look at every area in life, (Math, Science, History, English, etc.) through the lens of the gospel. It is important that our children
know that they are loved, cherished, and chosen by God. They need to know that they are not a mistake and that God
created them for greatness JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.
Here is what we have been able to put together at this point.
     We will offer this co-op starting September 7th, 2021, through May 27th, 2022. You might ask why we
are starting late in the year? We want to make sure that we chose the best curriculum, so your children are
being taught in a biblical way, but also taught in a way where they are challenged to grow in their academics.

● The co-op will meet Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm. Drop off will begin at 7:30.
● LUNCH WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Students will bring their lunch (cold – nothing to warm up) from home.
● There will be Holiday breaks. Thanksgiving (one week), Christmas (2 weeks), Spring break (one week). There may be a few other days once we decide the academic calendar and have the final details in place.
● At this time, our plan is to follow fairly closely to the Augusta County School District calendar.
● We will follow Augusta County School District in the event of any inclement weather.
● At this time, we will be offering this co-op for grades K-8. We will have co-op pods. Please note that we will not be offering pods for high schoolers. The pods will look like this:
○ Pod 1: Kindergarten
○ Pod 2: 1st and 2nd Grade
○ Pod 3: 3rd and 4th Grade
○ Pod 4: 5th and 6th Grade
○ Pod 5: 7th and 8th Grade
      • We will have one Pod Leader per pod to work with your child(ren) and assist in their learning.
We understand that families are in a scramble trying to find other options for their children. We know that families did not ask for this massive blow financially. We want to offer a cost that we feel is fair for families. There is a sibling discount. The rates are as shown.
● $100 per week for the first/only child = which equals $422.22 per month, which equals $3,800 per year
● $90 per week for the Second child = which equals $802.44 per month, which equals $7,220 for the year (for
both children combined)
● $75 per week for the third child = which equals $265 per month, which equals $10,070 for the year (for all
three children combined)
If you need after care (3:00pm-5:30pm), it will be a $20 addition PER family, per week. We are very thankful that the
Lord has given us this opportunity to serve our children. We only have 52 spots available, and they will be first come
first serve. Please know that certain pods are already full and others are close to being full.
Valley Co-Op will be most successful this year with the help of family volunteers! We have many opportunities for families to volunteer – you can volunteer with your time or with monetary donations. One need we are still prayerfully looking for are pod leaders. If you – or someone you know – are interested in one of these positions, or any volunteer
opportunities, please do not hesitate to email our Co-Op Liaison Claire Watkins at
Attached to this email is a link with a registration form. We ask that you fill this out and pay a $50 dollar registration fee to save your child’s spot. Once the 52 spots are filled, you will be placed on a waiting list.
We pray that this option will help serve you and your child as we all navigate through these days. We will have information to follow that will have the curriculum that has been chosen and more. Let us continue to protect and fight for our children.
Advancing Together,
Pastor Josh