Diamond of Discipleship

Whether you are a new Christian or new to our congregation the Diamond of Discipleship is a spiritual growth system that is sure to develop your walk with Christ and give you a greater understanding of the vision, mission and values of Cornerstone Church.
Each component of the Diamond of Discipleship is designed to inspire you with knowledge of the scriptures and equip you with skills for ministry. During each stop around the bases you’ll have the opportunity to uncover many treasures of truth found in the Bible. These truths are timeless and meant to enrich, guide, bless and develop your life so you can be all that God created you to be.
At Cornerstone we desire to see every follower of Christ mature in their faith and become involved in the life of the church, using their special gifts to strengthen God’s people. The Diamond of Discipleship is an important part of seeing this become a reality.


In “Getting Started” you’ll learn what it means to be in the family of God, how to walk in your Christ-like identity and the importance of tearing down strongholds in your life. The “Cornerstone Foundations” will explore how our church was started, what we believe and how you can be part of our future. Upon completion of this material you’ll be given an opportunity to become an official member of the church.



In “Going Deeper” you’ll learn what it means to be in the “listening room” of prayer and hearing God’s voice. You’ll also learn how to adjust your attitude to be more like Jesus and discover what spiritual warfare is all about. And finally you’ll learn where the source of true significance can be found. “Building Biblical Community” is designed to help members understand what it means to belong in a small group, know how to live in community and do life together, discover mission, and learn the importance of “story” in group life.



In “Building Up” you’ll learn what it means to be a channel of blessing to others. As God continues to refine your life to be more like Him, He also wants to use you to edify others along the way. In this study you will discover the source of your significance and identity. You will learn how to walk with God as a servant in order to build up His kingdom. “Discovering Spiritual Gifts” will take you through a process of understanding how God has wired you for ministry. You’ll discover your passions, motivations and gifts according to God’s design and purpose for your life.



In “Reaching Out” you’ll learn how to share your faith with others by learning a simple witnessing tool called the “John 3:16 Diagram.” As followers of Jesus we have been called to take the Gospel of Good News to those who haven’t chosen to follow Him. In “Contagious Christianity” you’ll learn practical skills for reaching your friends, family and community through relational evangelism.



The Life Encounter is a Friday night and all day Saturday event where participants come face to face with God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness. Encounter leaders will guide you through a process using Biblical teaching and personalized ministry that will enable you to encounter God’s amazing grace. Do you need to unload some junk in your life? Do you desire to walk in greater freedom and victory? If so, the Life Encounter Weekend is the place to be!





Life Training Course (LTC) 

LTC offers a variety of Bible-based courses. These courses are typically offered during the week and run an average of 10 weeks. Members are encouraged to enroll in LTC courses to deepen their walk with God and grow in their ministry skills. Here’s a sample of courses offered through LTC…

  • Global Warning: Understanding current events in relation to Biblical prophecy
  • Unshared Love: Learning how to love unconditionally
  • The Bait of Satan: Escaping the trap of being offended and learning how to forgive
  • Under Cover: Walking in right relationship and with a right attitude toward authority
  • Communion with God: How to have a more personal and intimate relationship with God
  • Care Evangelism: Learning how to share Christ with others by first learning how to care for them
  • Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the battle in your thought life
  • Growing Kid’s God’s Way: Reaching the Heart of Your Child with a God-Centered Purpose
  • Getting Healthy: Body, Mind and Spirit
  • The Missing Commandment Love Yourself
  • Hurting Moms: Mending Hearts