Our Story

Cornerstone Church of Augusta was officially launched as a congregation on Palm Sunday 1992. It began with a core group of 50 people and has grown to several hundred today. In the early days the church met in numerous locations as it worked to build a solid core of committed members before officially launching as a church.

Planting a new congregation requires a lot of hard work and personal sacrifice on behalf of each member. Nothing could illustrate that more than our experience of using many temporary facilities. There were times we had children’s ministries meeting in school hallways and worship teams practicing in storefronts. But through it all the congregation developed a heart for God and people more than it did for bricks and mortar. However, we did dream of having a permanent location where we could build upon the vision, mission and values the Lord had entrusted to us.

In 2001 we had the privilege of moving into our current facility. It was designed as a multi-purpose facility that could accommodate Sunday morning worship services and any other creative ministry God called us to do. We set out to build a building that would be used, not glorified. And we are blessed to have such a wonderful place to worship God, disciple His people and reach our community! It is filled with ministries that touch the hearts of the young and old alike.

Our congregation is part of a larger network of churches called HeartLink Network of Cornerstone Churches. Heartlink member congregations are:

And our network is a member of the Association of Cornerstone Networks International (ACNI). ACNI member networks are:

  • HeartLink Network of Cornerstone Churches       
    • (USA; Apostolic Leader, Greg Mayo)
  • Restoration Network                                           
    • (USA; Apostolic Leader, Kenton Slabaugh)
  • Nigeria Network                                               
    • (Nigeria; Apostolic Leader, Ephraim Ndife)
  • India Network                                                   
    • (India; Apostolic Leader, name withheld for security)
  • Sri Lanka Network                                               
    • (Sri Lanka; Apostolic Leader, name withheld for              security)
  • Montenegro Network                                             
    • (Montenegro; Apostolic Leader, Jovica Bacvanski)
  • Trinidad Network                                               
    • (Trinidad; Apostolic Leader, Winston Mahabir)
  • El Faro Network                                                
    • (Chile; Apostolic Leader, Richard Latin)
  • Ethiopia Network                                              
    • (Ethiopia; Apostolic Leader, Yonas Seifu)
Our congregation and network is also involved in supporting missionaries around the world and planting churches wherever the Lord opens the door.