KOZ Mission Statement
KOZ is an Outdoor Adventure Ministry
that provides kids with mentors and direction to become
Godly adults. “No Kid Left Inside”©

What is KOZ, Kids Outdoor Zone?

  KOZ is a ministry that uses hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure as a tool to mentor to boys ages 8-18. We train men in churches to role model and disciple the boys that are in their churches and communities through the KOZ outdoor adventure curriculum.



Brian Fridley
Lead Harvest Team Leader
     Statistic tell us that kids today spend 40 minutes a week outside, 70 hours a week looking at a screen on some type of electronics. Many men are bound inside because of their jobs. We know that time outdoors is not only healthy but it is a crucial element that Jesus, His Father and the Holy Spirit use to teach life and heart skills. It is a win, win for God, the outdoors and those who choose to “walk uneven ground.”
Tim Marshall
Harvest Team Leader
Lacy Wilbur
Harvest Team Leader
Harold Morrison
Harvest Team Leader
Barry Tomey
Harvest Team Leader
Mike Brown
Harvest Team Leader