Power Church

Rock Church

The Crew

Power Church is for children ages 3, 4 & 5. Children are dismissed from the service after a time of worship. Class time includes: lesson, snack, singing, playtime that relates to the lesson with playdough, blocks, etc., coloring, review of the lesson.

Our mission is to build a relationship of communication and partnership with parents in order to provide a safe, caring and loving atmosphere while giving children a fun and exciting introduction to God’s Word.

We believe in treating your child with love and respect while providing them a safe and structured environment. Our teachers are trained to…

Smile & have fun with kids
Be gentle when speaking to kids
Encourage kids with positive feedback
Show appropriate warmth and affection
Pray for kids, no matter the need
Receive kids with love, acceptance and forgiveness

Rock Church is for children age 6 through grade 5. Children are dismissed from the service after a time of worship.. 

R.O.C.K. Church is an acronym which stands for Reaching Out Christian Kids. Our mission is to teach our children to reach out to others and show them the love of Christ. We want every child to know the peace that being in a relationship with Christ can bring to their lives. We teach the children how to worship the Lord, learn His word, apply it to their life, and then to go out into their schools and neighborhoods and be examples of what they have learned. We all feel very blessed to share this with the children of this community and we see God moving in these kids every day!

Our Curriculum: 

Our Curriculum is a center based teaching where kids have the opportunity to learn at their level in a way that speaks most to them. We have a snack center where kids create their own snack that in some way teaches them the lesson for the week. We have a game center where kids can apply themselves physically as they learn their lesson. There is a surprise station where the wonders of Christ and God surprise us each week! There is also a music center that kids celbrate the Lord and learn His word through music and movement. For the creative kid in all of us, there is a fun craft station where the children create wonderful and beautiful projects that represent what we have learned that week. There is also a drama time where the kids themselves put on and mime a play for the rest of the kids. There is something for everyone and as each child visits each station with their group, they learn and understand a little more of the lesson for the day. We also have small groups where we pray with the children and share the things that are going on in their lives and around them. Each Sunday is a new and wonderful experience for the children and leaders alike!

This class is for 5th & 6th graders. It is designed to help our children transition from children’s ministry to youth ministry. The 5th graders remain a part of Rock Church and attend there when this class does not meet. The 6th graders are eligible to join Reality Youth but are not required to do so.

For the safety of our children, all adult leaders in our children’s ministry are required to have a background check.